Moscow warns of end to Russia-US relations if assets seized

  1. Yes, actually. Because then it would redouble the crackdown on oligarch's property seizures and that is what matters to Russia most of all. They are an oligarchy mafia-state.

  2. Also Russia has already seized assets of other countries. Like 400 planes that were on lease to them.

  3. Nukes are always a funny threat because it’s a zero sum game. The moment Russians think of launching one they might as well launch all of them because the retaliation from the US would guarantee Russia becomes a ducking crater.

  4. Well, not talking raises the risks for nuclear miscalculation. It also means any situation that occurs will be more difficult to deescalate.

  5. Russia threatens with nuclear attacks very quick. They always did. It's all they have. That's really stupid on many levels because that's already the highest diplomatic thread. The next escalation would be an open war with the NATO which would be even more stupid (or suicidal) than the invasion of Ukraine.

  6. Everyone's joking, but basically this means that we can't talk them down from the ledge anymore. This is like a precursor to conflict of something akin to a second Cold War, with both sides spying and meddling with each other's politics and world leaders with their fingers hovering over the nuke button... this sucks.

  7. Look, it’s just one planet. Saying you’re gonna end relations is like saying you’re not gonna talk to one of 5 people on a deserted island. You’re not going to end relations, you’re gonna look silly trying not to talk the person that is clearly around you. Just admit you were wrong and move forward. Or continue to look stupid.

  8. Here’s the thing. No one is telling Putin that the Emperor has no clothes on because he doesn’t like bad news. His invasion of Ukraine pushed Sweden and Finland into NATO! You can’t tell me nobody saw that coming.

  9. In a few years these fucktards will be dead of, at least, natural causes. These aren’t forever promises. They are just there long enough for some stubborn old man to get over himself.

  10. Diplomacy is still important but that can be done unofficially and through third parties.

  11. Having an embassy in Russia makes paying for information easier. Knowing every fucking move Putin is about to make is extremely useful

  12. If they want to take thousands of people’s lives, torture civilians and POWs, throw millions in concentration camps and deport them to Siberia while ruining their homes, they should expect to not be treated kindly by any civilized nation. Asset seizure is a slap on the wrist compared to the punishments they actually deserve.

  13. Do they really have millions in concentration camps? I didn’t realize it was that bad, holy shit

  14. Putin, man, I don't know how to tell you this, but Russia-US relations are already done. For fuck's sake, Ukraine has been using our weapons to kill your soldiers for months. You think we gave and trained Ukrainian soldiers on these systems because RUS-US diplomacy is going particularly well?

  15. The only thing I can think of is the negotiations to trade a Russian arms dealer for a WNBA player. Which, if they're cutting off communication about that, kinda seems like shooting themselves in the foot. I guess thats par for the course right now though as far as Russia is concerned.

  16. As a Norwegian, not excatly true, Norwegian goverment did bend over deep in order to apologize for the nobel commitees actions. Thus I personally can never look at that goverment the same again

  17. The nobel comittee, Even though being full of old politicians, are completely separated by the government. Which is Why the comittee Said "go f yourself" and the government itself tried to smooth things over.

  18. Imagine starting a war then complaining about the consequences. What reality is Putin living in…

  19. Russia finding an excuse to cut ties, even more, with the US as soon as a certain someone is found with secret nuclear documents that might been shared with our foreign adversaries. Hmmm, totally a coincidence huh?

  20. Hahah I went to bed last night thinking so which country is gonna make some fucking noise tomorrow since it's public knowledge that Trump is fucked

  21. Wait. I thought it was a new world order where Russia is taking over. Now they threatened to not speak with us anymore. Lol.

  22. Alrighty, seize away. Not worth keeping a toxic relationship like that anyway with a guy who threatens to keep burning your house.

  23. Oh! Does that mean they'll kill Fox News and Trump? That seems to be pretty much the entirety of their relations with the US.

  24. aren’t we sending billions of dollars worth of military equipment to kill their soldiers occupying Ukraine?! they should probably have done that already.

  25. also companies that usually are neutral and never make enemies such as IKEA or HM, when even they pull out then its bad.

  26. I like how they give us all these stipulations on our end of the relationship but they invade a whole other country and expect us to sit back and watch. Literally reminds me of being friends with a bully in kindergarten.

  27. And the world warned YOU what would happen if you set foot in Ukraine. Feb 24 the choice was made. Not only that, but civilian targets are priorities, not even military targets.

  28. We did too little in response to crimea, which is why putin felt free to steal more from Ukraine. Telling us to treat this more like crimea again is just saying "WE WANT TO BE ABLE TO DO THIS AGAIN". Putin you already proved that

  29. As if we had a relationship with Russia. They have divorced themselves from the system of international law and cooperation.

  30. So what does this actually entail? Obviously this would mean an immediate removal of Russia from the ISS program so that’s going down in a year or so unless we rapidly built a replacement, and some of the astronauts would need to get a ride down on the Dragon instead of the Soyuz.

  31. Moscow warns this, Moscow threatens that... I think they've realised their words are pathetic, like themselves and hold little value now, kinda like their economy I guess.

  32. Ha! what relations? Sitting in a room full of nonstop lies. I don't know if honesty is a word found in the Russian language.

  33. What relations lol these idiots have already burned every bridge with the rest of the world. Just seize everything you can

  34. We don’t need anything from fucking Russians they can fuck off and get all their dirty money off our country.

  35. They ended their relations with most of the world 7 months ago when they started pooling their army around the border.

  36. US to Moscow; we don’t bargain with terrorist! Free Britney, get out of Ukraine, reparations for screwing with our elections, take Trump and his spy ring and supporters back to Moscow!

  37. "end Russia-US" relations - do they mean they will shut down bot operation? What kind of non hostile relations they had?

  38. Relations weren't so strong and went quickly downhill when Russian went on a medieval style conquest complete with murder, rape, and plenty of pillaging.

  39. I honestly cannot tell if Russia is just slow or stupid?. Relationship with the world ended 7 months ago?.

  40. Their people are gonna enjoy that Soviet lifestyle that's coming down the lane. Gonna be fun without any entertainment.

  41. Do these fascist terrorists realize they themselves keep trying to seize entire sovereign states?

  42. If Russia is setting a precedence for taking stuff that isn’t theirs, should they be entitled running their own land?

  43. In the words of Jaskier - "I hate to break it to you, but that ship has sailed, wrecked and sunk to the bottom of the ocean."

  44. Russia warns, Russia threathens, Russia this and Russia that. A bunch of fucking troglodytes sitting on gas and oil thinking they're sort of superpower.

  45. If you keep this up we won't try to influence elections and pay your political sons and daughters to serve on our company boards.

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