A shrew-like creature that lived 225 million years ago is the oldest mammal ever identified

  1. The fact that it's the oldest known mammal fossil doesn't mean it's our ancestor, similarly how every dinosaur fossil isn't an ancestor of the modern chicken. It could, but much more likely it's just a mammal that has lived at the same time as some other mammal species that was our ancestor.

  2. Bet they were semi-aquatic like Capybaras and Otters and were forced onto land for food after the oceans heated and killed the microbial life. The increased visual range for these animals once they left the water resulted in massive increase in volume of brains at the time, due to all the information they were now able to start processing. Some scientists call it the informational zip line. These were likely the most intelligent lifeforms at one point, makes you feel kinda smart huh.

  3. That would be the earliest mammal really, not oldest, even though the specimen itself as a fossil is very old. Quirk in terminology that bugs me.

  4. What does this mean in a evolution view? Did Shrews split off from other mammals very early on, or was it just the dominant shape among early mammals?

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