Man, 77, dies in Western Australia after being attacked by wild kangaroo being kept as a pet

  1. For those who are too lazy to read the article and had the same question that I did - it was his own pet, and not someone else's.

  2. No, my question is how long do you have to keep a wild kangaroo before it becomes a domesticated kangaroo that is presumably less likely to kill you?

  3. My favorite video of a kangaroo fight is where the guy squares up and starts boxing the roo, because he has his dog in a headlock. He then connects and dazes the tailed bastard.

  4. No, it's wild because it's not domesticated (which is biological and takes several generations). However it was probably tame/tamed - but still wild.

  5. What is it with Australians being killed by their pets? Reminds me of the guy who got killed by a pet deer only a couple of years ago

  6. Roos will balance on their tail and kick forwards with their hind legs. And their have enormous sharp claws on their feet.

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