China Accuses the NSA of Hacking a Top University to Steal Data

  1. As someone who has worked in government InfoSec, if we announced everytime we detected attacks from chinese soil against any of our Ivy League schools the news cycle wouldnt be able to keep up lol

  2. Every world power has, under their own authority, the ability to spy on any foreign citizen on foreign soil, "legally". Including and ESPECIALLY China and the United States.

  3. The same here. Fail2ban bans about 2 login attempts here every minute from countries where there are no elections, or just for show.

  4. Yea, i can look at fail2ban logs on login nodes for our university cluster and find thousands of attempts per day by Russian and Chinese ips. I’m guessing a chunk of them are state sponsored.

  5. I mean, didn’t I just read an Article that China posses sea sensitive information about every American adult? I don’t see what right they think they have to complain about having their data breached.

  6. Why are they saying this now. I thought the world knew that we were all stealing data from each other. Did the US pick up cyber attacks against China? Or have they always complained and American publications decided that now was the time to increase stories around it?

  7. They released a detailed report on the hacking tools used, procedures, involved NSA personnel and internal department codenames, even the number of contracts that NSA front companies signed to setup internet access for this attack.

  8. No, China has started to ramp up their accusations of US Hacking this year, and it's anyone's guess as to why they're starting now

  9. The US is just stealing their own stuff back at this point because the whole pile of Chinese knowledge is basically just stolen US IP anyway.

  10. Listen to what the CCP and particularly Xi say and do during the next month. They're gonna be spinning up some type of narrative to help unify the people under Xi as he tries to take his 3rd term, which is unprecedented. This all happens next month during their party Congress.

  11. Is it really hacking when your the government that developed the base line protocols everything connected to the internet has to use. It’s more of a feature. Remember the NSA and FBI mic drop leading up to the invasion of Ukraine? Cleaned out every major private and government system on the planet of “Not Russian” malware, waited a week then made it public.

  12. The difference is in China the government then gives the stolen IP to their government owned companies which spans the entire market.

  13. I feel like this is reminiscent of when Russia was interfering with our election and people would point out that US meddles with other countries’ as well.

  14. If its university its probably european, they send tons of exchange students who come back with knowledge and spread it there.

  15. This kinda bothers me. Frequent accusations by the US and US based companies of China's hacking means the US is noticing the hack and publicizing it.

  16. You say that, but I'm more shocked that the CCP admitted to it. More likely they've been/known about hacks before but never acknowledged them as it would be a sign of weakness.

  17. When I went to university we took a look at where the most security breach attempts against the school were made from. About 70% of them come from China, primarily Shanghai, primarily from two or three firms that have ties to the CCP. State-sponsored hacking happens literally every hour of every day between China and the US. The NSA must have really struck a nerve if the big wigs over there are whinging about it. Or they just wanted a reason to piss and moan as if they're any better.

  18. Good. I hope we steal and copy anything worth stealing and copying from the Chinese. I doubt there is much but, it’s literally all China does.

  19. Says who? The CCP Regime known for its endless list of cybercrimes and meddling in with international politics and birbing nations to overlook its human rights violations?

  20. The irony is that you can switch out “CCP” for “NSA” and you would have an even more factual argument backed up by even more sources.

  21. Finally! The USA be hacking mad shit and somebody finally caught us. Its about freaking time! We always catching them others nations

  22. Chinese guys, stop being ridiculous! You guys have used to hack the US government & weapon makers’ servers to loot technical assets or advanced precious commercial technologies even so many times! And most global news companies reported on the related news. Then what? I can’t stop my endless laughing at China’s bullshit. It means that China can steal others’ assets but others shouldn’t do that, right? 😅😅

  23. We're just trying to figure out if their students are cheating even more or a bit less than before on their exams. China has the largest cheating culture in the world.

  24. Fuck you CCP, no one cares. Ill reconsider, as soon as you stop cooperate espionage projects, enforce copyright laws, have a democracy and stop censoring the internet and the news.

  25. China: Steals over 10,000 pages of classified information including blueprints of military hardware from the US. The US: Steals a few files from a Chinese university. China: "Hey that's not fair you can't do that!" -cries about it-

  26. Prove it! Even if it did happen the Chinese government is the biggest fuckin theives of data, IP, and anything important out there TBH.

  27. You know those bullies that push people around and take their stuff but when you respond in kind they just lose it? Yeah.

  28. The Chinese government is effectively a sadistic stalker, rapist, kidnapper, torturer, murderer and many more deplorable things. They really don't deserve any more respect on the world stage than is afforded to North Korea.

  29. The Us government is effectively a sadistic stalker, rapist, kidnapper, torturer, murderer and many more deplorable things. They really don't deserve any more respect on the world stage than is afforded to North Korea.

  30. Well, at least America has been willing to allow for diverse talent acquisitions in our organizations. I do realize espionage and theft of trade secrets has taken place at times in those orgs but China is literally being a hater of the game and not the player.

  31. Even allies keep tabs on each other under the table. I'd be more surprised if there's no hacking at the highest level between what are essentially great power rivals.

  32. I think this is standard PRC bullshit, but if it’s true… I’m good with it. Glad to see at least one part of the govt. doing what they are supposed to with our tax dollars.

  33. Anyone with any connection to the CCP needs to be expelled and barred from American soil. We need to stop playing around

  34. Oh? Don’t like it when someone else does it to you? Tell me again how any of your major technological advancements in the last 30 years have been anything but your stealing of intellectual property and copying with the intent of ignoring patent laws?

  35. Not sure if Americans are aware but during your countries infancy there was a lot of patent theft going on and the government was fine with it so long as it was foreigners who were affected negatively. A lot of patents in the textile industry for example were blatant ripoffs of English stuff that had been patented back in London. This is behavior that a lot of countries deal in and it shouldn't be expected that China behaves differently.

  36. Every government tries to spy on their enemies ( and friends no doubt) the rejection of the Chinese bid to supply the 5G infrastructure was rejected by the UK ( as was the building of nuclear power plants and owning a radio station in the UK) the spyware and outside remote access in technology it sells is the worst kept secret ever........oh the Chinese response to being told no three times was to forcibly taking control of the former British colony of Hong Kong and ripping up the signed agreement for the treatment of Hong Kong.. I'm getting the feeling that the former communist countries can't be trusted to keep their word...... Putin gave his word that the gas and oil would never be used to blackmail the west....... so spying and lying is just another day at the office........

  37. Probably just checking to verify what reverse engineering they are doing with our ip before forwarding them to one of their "private" national champion companies like Huawei.

  38. Somehow the person I replied to deleted their comment so I'm just going to post it here regardless because it would be good for visibility;

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