U.S. to soon announce new $600 million arms package for Ukraine

  1. The usa spent over 2 trillion on 2 wars in the middle east ontop of the 20+ years in Afghanistan. When most of the public had mostly lost interest.

  2. This is a dream come true for Us military manufacturers. US is paying them for their hardware, and they’re getting free live field testing in a true battle environment.

  3. USA gets to beat Russia down at what are honestly some bargain basement prices. Why would Russia think that the USA wouldn’t be up for throwing some equipment to Ukraine if it means hurting Russia

  4. Seriously. Even if 99% of the population was against Ukraine, the military industrial complex would still send weapons. It’s not like public opinion has even stopped them before.

  5. Also the US isn't anywhere near the "total war" time production that was seen during WW2. We are not scrapping every bit of steel to make warships and tanks, we are not growing "victory gardens" to send food overseas. This is a lazy Saturday afternoon compared to what the US could put out if it really wanted to.

  6. IMHO, Ukraine is the border between Russia and former Soviet republics. Putin won't stop after Ukraine. So the West must help stop him at Ukraine.

  7. This is a nice way to indirectly wage war and be a general thorn in the backside of Russia without even getting our hands dirty. Since they have been a thorn in ours (unchecked) for quite a while. It’s like giving them their comeuppance without going to war to do it.

  8. if only we had the same recognition of the benefits of helping the unhoused, healthcare, or clean water/air in our own country. Cities have brown, undrinkable water and the government response is “ok going to be months before this is fixed”.

  9. I am part of the US Military Industrial Complex supply chain machine. This will definitely be good for business. We are happy to help; Pooty can eat a whole bag of dicks. I do feel sorry for the young Russian lads getting fed into the meat grinder, though. While there are many sadistic soldiers jumping in, there are a lot of young men being killed who would much prefer being home living life.

  10. From the perspective of the MIC and the American oligarchy, the Ukraine war is a massive advertising opportunity.

  11. Okay. Seeing as this is the most liked comment, many people are well aware that the MIC is behind Congress's obsession with war. So, why do we keep electing politicians funded by them?

  12. I’m surprised Putin underestimated how much the US would support Ukraine. Our military’s not directly involved in any war right now, like, what else are we going to do lol

  13. It's chump change compared to actually fighting a war ourselves. Plus, we are offloading a bunch of old military equipment that pathetically is more advanced than what Russia has now. LOL

  14. ikr - live war training for advisors, intelligence and gear and the US doesn't have to wear the warmonger mantle ... game on.

  15. True, but also it's just an easy shot to take once you realize that they were not going to fold in 48hrs. $1B of military aid to Ukraine buys the American people a metric fuckton more security than $1B of just about anything else.

  16. This was the point of sowing discord in the states, of supporting Trump (who is literally a russian stooge). We were supposed to be out of NATO and dealing with too much internal chaos to be willing to do this.

  17. Not only that but NATO or no NATO, the US just got what's presumably a decades long ally (if not longer) on Russia's doorstep.

  18. I bet he was pissed when Trump lost. Imagine if that orange shit stain were still president? Ukraine would have been fucked.

  19. Putin probably thought he better strike whilst the irons hot after he lost Trump to Biden. I wonder if Trump, Republicans and Russia had some plan of extorting Ukraine for their resources and had a behind the curtain plan to share the wealth. ‘You can have that if you let us have this’ kinda thing.

  20. Are you really surprised? Russia snagged Crimea and the east of Ukraine without any country batting an eye. Yes yes there were some sanctions but nothing more.

  21. The possible irony of course, is without trump making a deal to leave Afghanistan, the us may have been too preoccupied to fully support Ukraine. Wouldn’t that be satisfying on several levels. Trump inadvertently screwed Putin.

  22. Noooo there are military operations being conducted on a weekly sometimes daily basis. Us is still occupying a portion of Syria lol. You just don’t hear about the wars and that’s the whole point. Unless you meant it’s not at war with a certified state or government

  23. Putin was so sure Ukraine wouldn't put up with much resistance, and that it would basically be a 3 day coup. The moment Ukraine resisted, all Russias plans were out of the window and they're now going for plan B or C... Which requires a functioning army...

  24. He already invaded Ukraine twice (and multiple other countries, meddled with elections etc.) with essentially no consequences.

  25. The whole line of "Putin started the war because of growing NATO influence, then surprised by so much military aid from NATO countries" does not make sense to me. Like if you invaded because the relationship between Ukraine and the West was getting to chummy, I really don't believe you can be surprised at the West shipping billions of weapons in.

  26. Because it would take more than the US. We can’t just send weapons there. We have to cross a lot of countries to do it. Pretty much all of NATO had to be on board and there was reason to believe they wouldn’t be.

  27. He's gotten away with a lot for the last X years. Look at all the shit he pulled in Syria, which is still suffering today from conflict. He walked into Georgia and no one did shit. Why wouldn't he think everyone would keep doing nothing but critisise?

  28. Really. We’ve pulled out of Afghanistan, and have been out of Iraq for years. We had to send our weapons SOMEWHERE. Thanks Putin for giving our military industrial complex a boost!

  29. It was really nice of him to wait until we finished out withdrawal from Afghanistan, it really frees up the logistics

  30. I just realized that the US has a pretty big political incentive for providing arms besides saving Ukraine. This is great business for weapon manufacturers that are and have been lobbying politicians for ages. Every new package means a big new order by the US army. So even Republicans are likely to keep on voting for more weapons packages as long as they don’t start to side with Russia(though I think that, apart from Trump, most of them are smart enough to realize that is a bad idea)

  31. This is basically Spain pre-WW2, except instead of testing new equipment and tactics, the US is giving a sales pitch to the world showing just how much better the weapons you buy from them are vs Russia.

  32. People cared more when it was first announced, but while Taiwan is under threat, Ukraine is under actual attack, and therefore gets more attention.

  33. I'm much more afraid of China than Russia in these circumstances. China just sits back and waits. They have the luxury of waiting for the outcome and Russia is pressured to create the outcome

  34. It is like Russia forgot that war brings profiteering and let's us test our weapons on a mutual enemy.

  35. Russian here … it’s funny how propaganda works. The world thought Russian army was scary and hardcore but all they ended up showing is how weak they really are in terms of combat and technology and organization. They would stand no chance against an American army. The only thing they are capable of is nukes and even then they might nuke themselves by mistake lol. What a shame knowing I was born there. Putin exposed Russian’s weakness. With so much potential Russia and Russian people are so behind everything. It’s a shame and it’s a tragedy that could only be overcome in many decades from now. Wow …

  36. It's all so terribly sad. Putin could have transformed Russia to be a real technological and manufacturing powerhouse over the last 25 years but instead decided to rob it. Russia had so much potential which has been completely wasted by the Russia's populace's apathy towards Putin giving him free reign to do what he's done.

  37. I'm still in Russia.. that's a shame – so agree with you. But I'm glad that Putin sees how ridiculous his corruption system is. Finally somebody points him how weak is he. And how many red lines there.. lol.

  38. Consider that Russia was this weak and corrupt regardless. Now its merely on show for the world. Perhaps there will be a chance for Russia to change once this is over.

  39. To me being weak is 'ot shameful in any way, it's not important. What's shameful is to attack innocent people and trigger a war :/

  40. It's a tragedy how many young Russians were sacrificed by this psychopath. I hope the new generation will have better leaders. It's in your hands

  41. We'll reach a point where there are no more HIMARs left to give and the army will at least keep some systems left solely for U.S usage. The Biden administration has been working to incentivize the Lockheed HIMARS assembly factories and all their down stream suppliers to pick up production as much as humanly possible as these systems and ammunition literally are being finished at their factories and immediately sent to Ukraine.

  42. What's really needed, besides more GMLRS ammo for the HIMARS is some ATACMS. The ATACMS is a larger missile ammunition that can be fired from the HIMARS vehicle, they have a larger warhead and much longer range (300km vs 80km). The problem with GMLRS is that the warheads are too small. It's only good for attacking ammo storage or other soft targets. They need something that can easily attack some harder targets. That way, taking out a bridge, for example, will only take 1 or 2 hits instead of a dozen or more. Also, they need the longer range as Russia has already adjusted to keep their ammo farther behind the lines to prevent HIMARS from being able to reach it. Only problem is that the US is concerned about Ukraine using the longer range ammo to attack targets inside Russia proper, which we don't want them to do out of concerns over escalation. Hence we haven't agreed to send any yet, but it would be a major improvement if they had them.

  43. It's actually scary how effective the MLRS/HIMARS platform has become just in the last ~15 years. On its own it's a capable weapon, but drones in particular have changed the game immensely.

  44. u.s.a to russia "i can do this all day" also u.s.a to russia "good god what did putin do to you is that really all you've got?"

  45. I definitely would agree f16 and f15 should be given to Ukraine.. if i recall we have like a thousand f16’s, so matbe just like 20 f16’s guven to Ukraine wouldn’t hurt…

  46. Also Russia is a huge part of why we built the most powerful, most advanced military in the world, to protect against this very situation. A European land grab. We’ve helped Ukraine kill thousands of Russian soldiers, decimating their upper ranks with our weapons and intel, showing the world that US hardware is supreme and no doubt making China think long and hard about fucking with Taiwan. it could hardly be going better.

  47. Absolutely. I hate that we're spending so much money on the military (because we absolutely will pay to replace these weapons) while spending nothing on our people; but we can totally help Ukraine and people in the U.S. The problem isn't that we're sending them weapons. The problem is that we're doing that and then doing virtually nothing locally.

  48. I think people are forgetting that after this is all done, we're basically going to be Ukraine's number 1 trading partner for their exports. Its a lot of money, but its an investment into America's future.

  49. Not to mention the effect this is gonna have on oil production. Makes a lot less sense now to rely on an inconsistent foreign energy source

  50. Currently going down the rabbit hole of russian apologist youtubers, they live in a whole different world, apparently every mistake the russians make is actually tactical genius or doesn't matter, while every move ukraine or nato make is delusional, apparently every time ukraine advances they are taking horrific casualties and the ruasians wanted to give up that land anyway, while russia will spend weeks slugging out in house to house battles to take a street but will apparently suffer nothing but a spraned ancle.

  51. Everything about this is good for us. The US needs some goodwill globally right now, this is worth some points there. It's also strategically invaluable to have Ukraine as a NATO ally after having smacked down a failed attack from a supposed super-power. It's also, quite frankly, the right thing to do, as it is a clear and unprovoked attack on a free nations sovereignty that was asking for aid. We should do this more often, but most of the time we're funding the wrong team it would seem, so take this one as a win. We spend a lot of money in the wrong places, but this ain't one of them.

  52. Cue "accounts" griping about US spending "money" on Ukraine (which isn't really the case, but whatever) in 3, 2, 1...

  53. Yeah. I was perfectly aware before, but the Ukraine war has really highlighted just how many Russian astroturfers are on reddit. The number of people trying to convince me that Putin is justified in murdering civilians by the tens (hundreds?) of thousands because one group of the people defending Ukraine use Nazi symbols on their uniform is insane. Like yeah, wearing Nazi shit is bad but actual genocide is a way bigger problem and the people being murdered aren't Nazis.

  54. One thing you can count on US to do is go to war. Their politicians have vested interest in the military industrial complex, any war is good business for them.

  55. Keep on sending early graves to ruzzian soldiers who refuse to surrender or desert their terrorist rape army. This is a good use of our taxes and stockpile for a change.

  56. Okay, to actually answer you concern, this aid isn't actually in dollars it's in military equipment that we already have lying around that in total is worth $600 million. So it's not like we can actually use that money for homelessness because it has already been used up to make these weapons in the first place

  57. This kind of foreign aid is actually a Jobs program towards the military industrial complex, they don't send Ukraine the money, they give this money to American weapons companies and then they send the military "aid"

  58. Keep in mind, we spent $300 million per day in Afghanistan for 20 years. This is nothing to us. And the reason we don't have universal health care or free college.

  59. Reason we don’t have universal healthcare or free college is because Republicans do everything in their power to stop either from coming to fruition.

  60. Putin was counting on his puppet Trump to win 2020 and leave Ukraine blowing in the wind. But Trump Lost and Putin didn't change his plan and attacked Ukraine anyway.

  61. The American military are loving this. Win or lose, they're sending over wave upon wave of weapons to not only study them in action, but also will be watching every aspect of the Russian military "strategy", (if you can call it that). This conflict is worth every dime to the US.

  62. Oh boy, my political leaders laundering more money to themselves through Ukraine! Because the billions they already paid themselves isn’t enough!

  63. “ you mean we get to sell weapons, not use our own troops, never get blamed for civilian deaths, and quite possibly topple Russia for good? When can we start? Don’t worry, you can pay me back for the guns later. I’m not gonna miss out on this” - USA

  64. There is no doubt that a few Ukraine specialist will get the new Sig Spear MX5 to be used for real time battle testing. Silly Putin, you are just providing targets for testing of the Military Industrial Complex.

  65. I’m going to change my name to Ukraine and hope that someone in the government is super lazy when filing the bill of lading for this shipment.

  66. Yo, they aren’t sending them like $600 million cash (If I’m not mistaken). They are sending mostly arms that have already been produced. So basically they are sending stockpiles of armaments that we already have and are basically older tech that is outdated to us. Aside from like himars n such (though those also might be older).

  67. The fact that US can just send $600 Million to other countries, but not help its own people is honestly just sad...

  68. They're going to tear off HOW MANY Americans' arms to ship to Ukraine? Then nobody will want to work anymore! /s

  69. To contextualize this, when compared to the US ANNUAL SPEND on military, we could blow $600M every day for 1,333 days. In different terms we currently spend 2.2 Billion a day on the military. In other words 1.5M a minute.

  70. We try to and half the country screams "socialism!" And then those people proceed to vote in a bunch of Republicans who break everything they can get their hands on. It's a nice thought but half of voters genuinely don't want us to spend this money fixing our own problems.

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