Raisi cancels CNN interview after Christiane Amanpour refuses to wear hijab

  1. He’s actually trying to defend women. He’s trying to stop his beard lice from spreading to long haired women. A true hero.

  2. it's not about manliness. women without head coverings needlessly tempt the pious and the faithful and Raisi is well within his rights to refuse to let CNN broadcast his schoolboy boner on TV.

  3. Hijabs are the last visble thing that makes the regime "Islamic". They're as corrupt as everyone else and incompetent. Hijabs are the hill they're going to die on because it's the last thread of religious "virtue" they can pretend to have.

  4. I mean, if you’re so weak that seeing hair drives you over the edge, you probably should exit society and live in a cave or something. Pathetic.

  5. Dude wanted her to wear a hijab when common and accepted practice (in the past as well) is it’s not required because she’s not in Iran. She was interviewing him in NY.

  6. That’s what scary! This is what the religious right wants! I’ve seen so many posts about banning immodest clothing like leggings and bikinis from American Christian’s

  7. One thing to keep in mind, only 2 Islamic countries in the world (Afghanistan and Iran) have mandatory hijab wearing. And both of these countries populations combined only represent a fraction of the total Muslim population in the world. If anything, they two are going against the grain but are always in the news because Indonesia and Malaysia are boring I suppose.

  8. I have to wonder if he was worried about the response in Iran to the interview; it casts more doubt on the hardline position on hijabs for him to be seen on TV having a civil interview with a woman not wearing one if the govt's position is that not wearing a hijab is immodest.

  9. If only there was a simple solution, like letting your civilians mind their own business and decide whether to wear one or not. But maybe

  10. In many of the Iranian movies released in the last few years they go to a place like Turkey to film, cast a foreign actress and have her be without hijab, so that they can make sex jokes all throughout the movie and people can "enjoy" the movie more. It's become quite common in comedy/action movies especially.

  11. It is the normal custom for female journalists to wear the hijab when interviewing in a county that wears them as a custom. There have been many such interviews where Christiane Amanpour has worn one. They are never worn outside of those countries and it has never been an issue for the person being interviewed or the audience. This interview was to happen n NY.

  12. None of them can. When Italian journalist Oriana Fallaci interviewed the Ayatollah Khomeini in the 70s, she had to wear a chador, which she repeatedly voiced her displeasure for. Khomeini got irritated and told her she didn't have to wear it because it was for "decent, proper" women, to which Fallaci thanked him and tore the chador off right then and there. Khomeini left outraged.

  13. She should ask him to wear a hijab instead. Quran doesn't specify anything about a hijab just modesty. Why does she have to be modest and not him?

  14. He’d probably get up and leave, maybe say a few curses. He doesn’t lead because he’s strong or courageous. Haha

  15. Did the report specifically say that he only required those things of women? Because that sounds like precisely the sort of demands despots have of everyone regardless of gender.

  16. So wait, wait, the interview was going to take place in NY, not in Iran. He expected a non muslin woman to wear a hijab in a non muslim country? Lol.

  17. I still think its ridiculous that in the realm of global politics, you have leaders who will attempt to exert their own cultural standards of acceptability and respectability on people who do not belong to that culture. Like, if I go interviewing the leader of an indigenous group in Papua New Guinea, and I expect him to dress in his absolute best (which means indigenous tribal garments and a penis gourd), I'm not going to cancel the interview because he won't wear a suit and tie....like thats MY culture....not HIS....

  18. Correction, Raisi cancels CNN interview because he couldn’t force Christiane Amanpour to wear a hijab.

  19. Places I have no interest in visiting.. anything under Muslim rule..I have no interest what so ever...I was there, but I had the backing of an Army, but that is the only way I would ever set foot back in those countries...all world religions hate women and want to enslave them and rape your offspring.

  20. It's absolutely inappropriate to enforce Iran's customs and laws on US soil, just as it would be inappropriate to refuse to abide by those laws on Iranian soil. If it were in an Iranian embassy that would be different but I don't think that's the case here.

  21. This fucking guy. You’re the president of Iran! Not of all humans. This is why I’m tired of religion. STOP TELLING EVERYONE WHAT TO DO. Or just die, old and set in your ways, so someone younger can take over and hopefully have a reasonable education.

  22. Probably a smart move on his part. He would not have been able to control his lust during the interview, bringing great shame to his peeps.

  23. Unfortunately there is a lot of older Men in their culture with his thought process. You can not change them. You just need this generation to pass and fewer will share the same beliefs in the future.

  24. I would have put on a hijab, and then about 30 seconds in the interview, taken it off and moved on with the interview process. The very next question would have been about the women protesting the hijab in his home country. If he walks out, make a big spectacle of the unreasonable response and dedicate the rest of the time talking about the rights of women to not be forced to wear something they don't want to.

  25. I cant for the life of me understand why Western media outlets are giving this pig of a human a platform? I was shocked that CBS's 60 minutes gave him an entire segment to sit there and deny the Holocaust.

  26. How can god be all powerfull if it’s such a pussy it can’t stand to see a woman’s hair. How people believe in such stupidity I just can’t understand.

  27. Politically - He cannot be seen with a woman not wearing hijab in an interview, when thugs are beating women for not wearing them. How can you support repression of some (your) women, but not other (all) women?

  28. Holy shit... "older women"? You mean the ones who have been beaten down their entire lives by this and are probably very much still in fear of reprisal for the slightest offense? Those older women??

  29. What makes you think the older women have more power or leverage? Those women are just as much a victim to the sexist regime as the young ones.

  30. Was a possibility I'm sure, but this wasn't an interview in Iran, it was in NYC, and no Iranian president had ever made such a demand in the past in these situations, so there was really no precedence where she should have expected that.

  31. Looks like he just "I ran" from the interview. Maybe he should also "I ran from Iran", because it looks like the Iranians are out everyday to get him.

  32. Ahh now i understand in bull fight red cloth is used to instigate bull and hijab does reverse stop the bull as long as it's worn.the science and logic is perfect.

  33. Such an idiotic move. How insecure of a human being do you have to be to have a problem with a woman(who is fully dressed) for not covering her hair,even though she wouldn’t have covered every single strand of hair. I understand him and others of his thinking are firm on their viewpoints but come on man,come on.

  34. good for her. i've seen Amanpour in a hijab to be respectful and respected. No need to be respectful when that respect isn't returned.

  35. How fucking weak minded is this guy? He can’t control his hornies long enough to see a woman, close by, without a hair covering?

  36. Wearing a Hajib isn't going to change anyone who can't control their desires. These kinds of people will attack a women anyway.

  37. Missed an opportunity to remove it after the first question, then get him on tape throwing a tantrum and leaving.

  38. They could just air this statement as it pretty much sums up anything he would have said in the interview

  39. “Retrograde bitch cancels cnn interview because a woman refused further subjugation based on an outdated custom” FTFY

  40. If you read the article you'd know this took place in New York and she never was required to wear a headscarf interviewing an Iranian president when outside of Iran.

  41. While it’s stupid, narrow minded, profoundly lame and pathetic he pulled this, shes pulling some bullshit. She calls this move of his “unprecedented” but she wore a hijab during a previous interview with him. Then she makes a big show of how they were all set and ready to go. The photo of her sitting next to an empty chair? Come on. He’s asked you in the past and you agreed in the past. She has every right to say “no, not this time.” But she knew it would happen. Don’t lie when the truth will suffice.

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