Toyota will close its Russian plant; may sell it

  1. Often these factories are huge, but only the machines are trade secret. So they will prolly sell the empty factory buildings and trade their machines back.

  2. "It was a difficult decision," Toyota Chief Communications Officer Jun Nagata told reporters online Friday. "We will liquidate our local unit in Russia instead of selling it."

  3. Russians love their motherland so much, now they'll see what its like to only eat Russian food, drive russian cars and absorb russian media.

  4. They're also being brainwashed, misinformed and outright bullied. There are protests all over Russia and they crack down on those worse than the Chinese.

  5. Toyota is not a good company. They still had esp as an option in 2008, standard on most German cars since 1991

  6. May sell it? Who the fuck is buying it? Russian government is the only one that would consider buying it for arms/war vehicle production. They should just shut the shop and torch it to the ground.

  7. "Sell it"... let's be honest here, the government (if hoodlums don't get to it first) will rip it apart for parts and it will become yet another derelict building in the great nation of Russia.

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