The number of Russians fleeing the country to evade Putin's draft is bigger than the original invasion force, UK intel says

  1. And expensive! So much money being thrown into explosions. So much infrastructure will need to be rebuilt, and so many people have died. With the worldwide economy the way it is after COVID, this is such a stupid thing to waste money on.

  2. That's what hits me hardest. Some of the wars throughout history started for legitimate reasons. This is not one of them. Fucking Putin is causing catastrophical death and destruction just to feed his own ego and delusions.

  3. Considering the news about orders to kill every human the Russians see while inside Ukraine, yes the human toll is so unnecessary it just makes it all the more heartbreaking.

  4. I would say every war in existence is astronomically stupid and unnecessary. Even ones where people are defending their lands have somebody stupidly and unnecessarily invading first. Its a crazy thing that we have war in the first place.

  5. I mean, you can probably say that about every war that start with an invasion. You can definitely say it about World Wars I & II.

  6. Hahahahahahaha and they claim the annexed regions got over 90% of votes for Russia...they couldn't even get over 90% votes for Russia IN Russia. What a joke of a country they turned out to be

  7. They got over 90% votes for Russia out of ballots cast by under 5% of the population when armed soldiers came to their front door and asked them if they agree to be annexed by the nation they serve with the very scary weapons they're holding.

  8. One thing I’ll caution you about - people may not want to fight and die in the war but many are definitely still in favor of it.

  9. I dont think people realize that this is one for this history books as far as our cultural perception of Russia shifting.

  10. I feel like the only thing this war has accomplished so far is showing the world what an absolute embarrassment Russia’s military is.

  11. Ruined many a fiction novel. Fear the Sky has a whole subplot where Russia does a blitz invasion of Pakistan, now that whole arc is laughably silly.

  12. This is why I'm shocked these countries are letting this many Russians in, especially without vetting their political views.

  13. I would understand a draft if someone was invading THEIR country. However, drafting people to invade another country that doesn't want you there? Some extreme Vietnam vibes going on.

  14. Russia took Ukrainian land, Ukraine is taking it back. That somehow makes Russia the victim in their fucked up worldview, therefore draft.

  15. In Vietnam, the US was assisting a country and stopping it from being taken over by another country (communist North Vietnam was invading the capitalist South Vietnam). There was no invasion of Vietnam.

  16. I don't think you get what Vietnam War was... Sure it was a shitshow nobody wanted but US was there to stop North Vietnam from invading South Vietnam. Which is why they never went past the North Vietnam's borders. Still a total fuckup and unpopular war but they at least had a better casus belli than Russia does now.

  17. I'm not leaving, I'm in category C for draft, so I'm yet to be called but in future they've might come for me and then I'm going to jail for refusing to join army,.fuck Putin and his friends. The punishment for evading mobilization is regulated by the Code of Administrative Offenses and the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, according to which the evader is punished with a fine of 500 to 3000 rubles or up to 200 thousand rubles and imprisonment for up to 2 years. I'll take it over killing people that never did nothing wrong to me or my country or feeding ukrainian worms with my dead body just because lunatic president of my country have lost his mind

  18. Same boat, but let's not kid ourselves - category C is no guarantee, there's been reports of enlistment offices straight up "correcting" the category in people's documents. Some voenkomats just straight up only look at the age group in their lists and nothing more, there's been reports of HIV-positive, disabled, etc people getting drafted.

  19. I appreciate you not fighting but at what point do you think Russians will realize the real enemy is Putin and fight back directly.

  20. Any suggestion that ordinary Russians don't know what's going on in Ukraine now look to be wildly inaccurate.

  21. I know plenty of normal Russians that believe what they see on TV. People were out in the streets celebrating the referendums, and that the people there aren’t oppressed anymore. Some of those same people’s kids just got drafted though. So some peoples tunes have changed.

  22. Exactly. Russians have access to the world wide web just like we do, there is some censorship, but not to the point they'd be ignorant of what's going on. There were Russian streamers on twitch chilling when the Russian army were busy genociding Ukrainians. Lmao

  23. It could still be that they don’t know the extent of the crimes committed by the Russian forces, but they do know how poor their odds of surviving unscathed are. Wouldn’t be the first time

  24. He made two countries that were historic friends and closely tied to each other enemies for generations to come. He got thousands of Russian men killed, humiliated Russian army on world stage and made NATO which was about to fall apart stronger than ever. That's one big fat fuck up that he will be rightfully remembered for even if he manages to annex those territories.

  25. I mean, this isn’t just the easy thing to remember, this is the direction Putin has wanted to go for years. If this would have been easy, he wouldn’t have stopped and would have invaded other countries viewed as “formerly” Russian.

  26. For me, it's the whole 'poisoning his ex-citizens in my country whilst also murdering innocent civilians with the poison' thing that I'll always remember him for.

  27. I’m a 26 year old male in the USA and I couldn’t imagine suddenly having the your government draft you into a bullshit war. I’d be fleeing as well.

  28. Like with Vietnam I guess. Though this is probably even more bullshit, higher chance of dying and shittier organisation

  29. During the Vietnam war plenty of Americans fled to Canada and others still simply refused to report for duty, and I don't think very many of them were punished because there were too many to feasibly try.

  30. Apart from people fleeing the country there is a big number of Russians who will go live somewhere totally remotely so they wont be found and drafted.

  31. I can’t imagine how terrifying this is for them. Nato is essentially backing Ukraine with endless resources and funding. Russia is absolutely going to lose this unjust illegal war and the citizens know it.

  32. Did they get the word that this aggression against Ukraine is all Putin’s ego? Or are they just not eager to fight. Either way Putin digs deeper.

  33. Putin’s support is more rural. The cities know what’s up but can’t change it. Protesting gets you vilified and arrested. Like blue cities in red states in the US.

  34. There are a disturbing number who still wholly support him though. I have a 29 year old down the street neighbor who is Russian. She moved to the UK at 17 then US at 23 or so. Was a model for a while and is an influencer now, so has been submerged in western culture for a decade or more... She basically thinks he's a god. Everything from as smart as Einstein to as good at hockey as Wayne Gretzky. Seriously. She thinks the war is fully justified, because if Ukraine isn't strong enough to hold what's theirs they should lose it. In regard to the atrocities being committed she either doesn't believe or doesn't care. In regard to the soldiers assaulting women she literally said "of course. It's war. They go through hell for their country, and those are their enemies' women. That's how war is. And it's just sex anyway"...

  35. My employee works remotely in Chicago while her brother is in St. Petersburg. She stayed up two nights straight last week to help her brother escape 26 hours away to Georgia. They were both afraid it wouldnt work because there were rumors of border patrol not letting men of a certain age leave, but he got through safely

  36. Sad part is that he's clueless to it. He's the idiot gambler that sold his family's savings to video poker. I hope the sad old coward is consumed by his own.

  37. Tens of thousands have left but they're are still a small minority. Russia is big and he is still popular unfortunately.

  38. Putin is getting humiliated weekly. To someone so obsessed with a strong man image this must be infuriating to him.

  39. It is truly crazy that a country like Russia with so much potential, so much culture and so many bright minds has been destroyed by one man's ego that couldn't handle feeling inferior towards the West.

  40. Honestly, multiple men's egos over generations and generations. They really should be one of the most important and richest countries in the world. Huge populations, tons of resources, historically educated.

  41. I returned from Georgia yesterday. (I'm UK born, but have family there.) Its absolutely busy with Russians, every street has them out and about. Occasionally coming to classes with local Georgians. The banks have people queuing for hours to open accounts, even charging to make applications. Hostels, hotels, rentals are all full. Supermarkets busy and lots of foreign money coming in, and the Georgians can barely feed themselves let alone half an million Russians.

  42. They dont need this cover to infiltrate a country, the flew directly to the UK with fake passports and a bottle of chemical nerve agent without being noticed.

  43. So what is the Putin's inner circle telling him now? That the men were so excited they just ran for the nearest boarder hoping to find the war?

  44. Where the fuck are they going though? I'll be dead serious with you, we took in loads of Ukrainians here in Ireland, these are people fleeing their war torn homes. If those ignorant cunts hope they can come here too, they can fuck right off. Go and knock on Putin's door and tell him to stop the fucking war you fuckwits...

  45. Both America and Europe will have refugee crisis. Probably 40 million of them will leave. The war is not ending soon. It will get worse

  46. Not America, costs too much to get there. Look towards the neighboring countries that are already allowing refugees.

  47. Its extra wild that its from self inflicted wounds. They have the people, the smarts, and the resources to have been quite the competition on the world stage as we transition to green energy... Instead, due to almost unimaginable corruption, we get this self aggrandizing bullshit from Short Hitler.

  48. Good! But I pray they don't get caught. Lord only knows what Putin will do to them. Keep their faces out of the lime light for safety reasons. They are young.

  49. I mean, obviously. There are always more civilians than soldiers and soldiers have family. So one invasion member's family trying to flee is already like 10:1

  50. Not surprised.. No one wants to go to war, especially when you know you're not fighting any sort of worthy cause.

  51. They gonna settle in one spot, and a decade later Russia gonna say “that territory is mostly Russian and we gonna invade to claim it”

  52. Wow. Just Wow. Witnessing this point in history is wild and i hope it shifts Russia into a better place.

  53. God the economic impact of this war must be staggering. Throwing away a significant chunk of their military equipment, sending tens of thousands to their deaths, tens of thousands more trying to leave the country or getting imprisoned, sanctions out the wazoo, and winter is coming. This feels like the early stages of a deep spiral.

  54. I remember a few months ago, a Ukranian uploaded a video here where he went on Omegle and was connecting w several different Russians. He had a Ukraine flag hung on wall behind him. The Russians were brutally making fun of him, before he could even speak. I'm wondering if those same Russian civilians are voluntarily lining up to be drafted into war lol.

  55. Yeah.. flee to other countries to burden their system then go back after. All those zealous criminal helmeted thugs maskerading as police wielding trunchions on their citizens should be the ones to go .

  56. The spell is broken. Not many in the 21st century want to die in a war for any country. There are none worth dying for on the planet. The greatest sacrifice a man should make is for the prosperity of his family, and you need to be alive to do that.

  57. You'd be surprised. Most countries bordering Russia would be willing to fight if Russia invaded. Here in Finland the willingness to fight in a hypothetical war if Russia invaded is at an all time high in polling history. Just like back in the 40's the simple fact is that if Russia took over your country everyone will suffer including the future generations. If you won't fight your children and their children will suffer immensely.

  58. Shame these people didn’t all meet in Red square together and topple a dictatorship. Would of been done so easily with the numbers

  59. I imagine they're leaving cause they don't want to die, so doing something that will likely cause them to die will defeat their purpose.

  60. Russia is a police state, there are multiple policemen on each civilian and they are fed and payed and not drafted.

  61. Dude, the whole "country" concept rich people used to manipulate the masses no longer works. Nobody wants to die for a piece of land in a globalized world

  62. While iran women are standing up against oppression by their government Russian man are fleeing their country.

  63. Double edged sword. The more flee, the more strained the war effort... But the more Russian natives in neighboring countries, the more likely Putin will claim he has a right to annex those regions too.

  64. The world would be better off if those fleeing the country would instead march on Moscow and toss Putin from a tall window.

  65. I grew up in southern Russia and northern Kazakhstan where people are scarred by police brutality against protesters. I understand why so many people chose to flee.

  66. I was on the fence about letting them leave. On one hand if they don't like it, they should stay home an fight.

  67. I wonder how this is gonna impact their (falling?) economy. I know its as big country with plenty of people but a sudden exodus of young men should leave an impact?

  68. This is going to massively exasperated Russia's population problem. There was already a shortage of men before this and a very low birthrate.

  69. I think this tells you everything you need to know about what the average Russian citizen thinks of this illegal and immoral war of aggression against a peaceful democratic nation like Ukraine.

  70. And I was runnnninng so fayessttt. Which you can’t do cause you ain’t got no legs, Lt Dan. Like a lot of the army that tried to conquer Ukraine in Feb and March. Sad for those who never wanted to go there and be bad guys, but good that a lot of bad guys got blown up. This really illustrates how screwed Russia is. They doubled down on energy war with the self sabotage of pipelines and now that they are bereft of funding the US and better armed allies should intervene directly to speed up the reconquering for Ukraine, then politely stop at the 2013 borders, and just stop and watch things implode. There is no point in fear of Russian nukes for any act short of direct invasion of legitimate Russian borders because otherwise the West consents to nuclear terrorism which is an impossibly slippery slope.

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