Republicans really don't want to discuss their extreme and unpopular views on abortion. Watch as GOP candidate Juan Ciscomani literally walks away from Arizona voters rather than admit he supports abortion bans.

  1. DEAR HIS DEMOCRATIC OPPONENT: Buy the rights to use this video and add "My opponent is pro forced birth. Even for children. He won't talk about it because he knows how unpopular his far right forced birth policy is. I'm [name] and I approved this message."

  2. These are the people that get on the ballot in AZ and I'm always left shaking my head. They're all scrubbing their websites of any abortion support knowing ROEVEMBER is approaching fast.

  3. This is the face of someone who does not have the courage to match their convictions. Shine a light on them and they fly away, like cowards.

  4. They scurry like cockroaches when you take the shadows thats hiding them, because that's what these fascists are.

  5. Wow,I wish I had a crew to whisk me away with a “mumble mumble” when someone asked me a tough question.

  6. That was the least convincing “Republican goodbye” (up and leave instead of being held accountable) that I have ever seen. Pathetic.

  7. Any person that does not have the moral courage and conviction to have an uncomfortable conversation with someone that disagrees with them on their own personal values does not deserve to represent the masses in a public office.

  8. As someone who doesn’t live in the US, I don’t understand why the country is obsessed with abortions. Let the women choose simple as that

  9. How are you going to control women if you let them choose what they want? Our pretty little heads need to just focus on what the menfolk say.

  10. The simplest explanation is usually the most plausible. The birth rate in the U.S. and A. has been on the decline for years. Banning abortions, almost outright does a couple of things. 1. We have a steady supply of poor and middle class kids to draft for the next war (which will fucking happen, and the girls will be drafted for non-combat roles) 2. It keeps the middle class and the poor fighting, because dividing and conquering is the easiest strategy to perpetuate by our government, especially by a smaller force against a larger one. We are the enemies of the government. Full military strategy is on display. We are a warlike culture and have been perpetually at war since our inception. So our decision to be apathetic and not exercise our only true right, which is voting, we fulfill another basic military strategy “When your enemy is making a mistake, don’t interrupt them”

  11. I feel like politicians are trained not to answer questions without political advisors or knowing what the questions are going to be.

  12. Sorry, my wife is having a problem getting the charcoal briskets in the grill... I got to go lift my bag... eh em... the bag for her.

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