Can someone tell me if my idea is good or not.

  1. I do plan on expanding on the idea half way through. That is what happens with almost all my other short stories I write

  2. Basically they run off to create a kingdom that is everything they’re parents own is and isnt. They’re kingdom welcome everyone no matter the gender, race, or sexuality. Of course, it isn’t a perfect utopia, it still has its flaws. But it’s perfect and homely enough that both their parents kingdoms look less like the perfect place people were led to believe

  3. So, I'm afraid that I'm taking this way too seriously, and them forming a kingdom is meant to be a metaphor for a young homosexual couple settling in their own home together, but the idea just fascinates me.

  4. sounds like a good idea but there might be a few question you might have to answer as to why the daughters left. No doubt it was because the families were at war but have they tried to stop the war? is there any point to stopping the war? can the war even be stopped? stuff like that but I'm also a newbie so don't take what I say as professional advice lol

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