Podcast only about the craft of writing?

  1. This is a great one. It's also been going forever. There's a whole season that's a crash course on writing your book.

  2. I really like this one. While they have episodes dedicated more to the business/publishing side, it's the minority and they are clearly labeled. So it's easy to look for more on the writing side if that's what you want to do.

  3. Brandon Sanderson's writing lectures on YouTube are very informative too. Although not podcasts, they're just videos of him talking.

  4. I listen to Helping Authors Become Writers, and Fiction Writing Made Easy. They’re both purely instructional and no guests.

  5. Helping Writers Become Authors is AWESOME. Super short, super packed with dense and well-balanced instructions. Came here to upvote this.

  6. Writing Excuses. Some episodes may be about business, but it's mostly about characters, story arcs, settings and... craft.

  7. I second this, though their focus is more on fantasy writing but many tips can be cross genre. Loved their recent episode on outlining

  8. I like Death of 1000 Cuts, alternates between interviews with authors, stream of consciousness chats that are at least somehow related to writing, and critique of listeners' first 250 words. The host is a guy called Tim Clare who's had some fiction and non-fiction published and it has a really chatty, friendly vibe.

  9. If you pay for the Patreon Print Run does episodes that just read 1st pages/query letters and talk about what needs to happen in order to grab an agent’s attention.

  10. For screenwriters, Matt Bird's podcasts. The ones with James Kennedy are the best! Matt can be stiff and James more friendly. But they get into high level stuff about story, youll like it even if you only write novels.

  11. There's Unwritten Imaginings which is just a bunch of authors discussing their unused story ideas and asking the listener to steal them. It's pretty fun and mostly casual.

  12. For a long time, I've thought about starting a writing advice podcast called Writing Is Bad And We Are Bad At Writing.

  13. I don’t think many of them say you “must” do this, I think most of them say “try this, you see it a lot.” I think they’re all trying to identify craft principles. YMMV. Not a podcast, but a youtube channel I subscribe to is

  14. My favorites are "Writing about Dragons and Shit" "Helping Writers Become Authors" and "Worldbuilding for Masochists" (though I write fantasy).

  15. Worldbuilding for Masochists gets into the nitty gritty of world building and is great for helping you flesh out your worlds! From geography, flora and fauna and then religions and stuff like that!

  16. Recommend Brandon Sanderson's YouTube and writing excuses podcast - it does have publishing stuff but there are sooo many episodes just about writing

  17. I don't mean to be that person, but. . .My fiance and I are both writers and recently started a writing podcast. It's new still, so we don't have a ton of videos. But we plan to review stories, and also discuss writing tips. If you're interested, you can find us on youtube. We're called Writers Ramble. In our most recent episode we discussed how we've changed as writers (and how change isn't a bad thing):

  18. Fiction Writing Made Easy by Savannah Gilbo. She goes into a ton of the things I had questions about but didn’t know where to go. Things like choosing your genre and theme, things like how to create hooks for your characters and how to just build a standard story. It’s all really good information just handed to you

  19. Not a perfect recommendation because they aren't focused on craft, but Book Fight often is really interesting. It's by two creative writing professors who also run the Literary Journal Barrel House. They read short stories, essays, and full length books and discuss them, either trying to pick apart why it was great or what they found difficult or frustrating. Some episodes, I will admit, end with the two of them just quickly moving on from what they read to other conversation, but hey they can't all be winners.

  20. I do like Writing Excuses although they focus a lot on fantasy/sci-fi, the episode are too short IMO, and lately they repeat many of the same topics (which is understandable given the amount of episodes).

  21. The creative penn by Joanna Penn was one of the first and still is great. Six figure authors with Lindsay buroker, But I would recommend writing excuses by far as the first one you should try.

  22. Write Along with David Chen and C.Robert Cargill. Kinda a screenwriting podcast, but most of the advice goes to all kinds of writing.

  23. I don’t know if this fits what you’re looking for, but Jack Grapes’s video on writing in your own individual voice has some interesting techniques:

  24. You could check out the, Words to write by. podcast. They basically go through various different writing self help books they have gotten and that have stacked up on their shelves.

  25. The "Trope Talk" playlist on YT, by OverlySarcasticProductions is really awesome, I recommend it to everyone I can. It's about tropes that commonly occur in fiction and how to avoid them/ properly use them. It got basically everything from the "rule of three" and the "Five man band", over "planet of hats" and "strong female characters" to "evil empires" and "magnificent bastards" just to name a few. The playlist has 68 videos so far and is being continuously updated on a very wide variety of tropes, as you can see.

  26. I like Writers on Writing. Also, The New Yorker Fiction podcast always inspires me. Great authors reading other great authors.

  27. Scriptnotes is my go-to for screenplay writing but there's often talk about story in general and topics that transcend format.

  28. The Well Storied Podcast. The episodes are short and focuses on crafting plot and stories rather than publishing.

  29. Keira Marcos' podcast is great. It's mostly fannish but she is also published writer and I enjoy listening to the episodes about pure writing craft.

  30. I've had "Start with This" on my podcast back burner. They're like 30 minutes long and give you a writing and reading task to expand your craft. It's by the same people who created "Welcome to Night Vale"

  31. i'll say! i didn't log on to reddit for a day and come back to find a treasure trove of recommendations! super grateful to everyone

  32. The one where he tells you to re-write every single sentence of your work several times and compare multiple examples of the same sentence to each other to see what's the best one?

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