What are your greatest challenges as a writer? Have you been able to find any solutions?

  1. My struggle is making a story work throughout the novel. I feel I can begin the story very well, and I can write individual scenes with character and tension. But I find in aggregate my stories are all over the place, and don’t seem to have focus or just peter out at the end.

  2. Never having enough time for everything. If anyone has any tips on freezing it for temporary periods or turning it back I'd be very interested.

  3. ADHD, and I'm feeling like the whole 'write what you want to read and you will find an audience' is a lie, considering how my last several works have gone over.

  4. If you could put it into words, what would you say the issue was between what you were writing and the lack of connection it was making to your readers? I’ve always really connected to that statement, I think because my interests are so niche and I’m desperate to read the kinds of stories few seem to be telling, so I’m curious about what your experiences have been.

  5. Burnouts and finding a proper pattern for breaks away from the keyboard. Sometimes I can spend hours behind the computer desk without achieving much really. I think my productivity deteriorates when I write for long hours without breaks.

  6. It can take years of experimenting to figure out what works for you. Try a fifteen minute break every hour to take a walk or do dishes or prep a big salad for lunch. Try two hours in the morning and two in the evening (or one and one, whatever you have time for.) Good luck!

  7. If you only have one book, it's probably not going to sell. You need three in a series or three in a pen name in the same genre/niche. Great covers, a great blurb. If after a year and three books, you still can't see sales moving, I'd switch genres, pen names, and try again. I started a new pen name this year that is doing well without ads, so I know it can still happen.

  8. Marketing. Unless you’re at the top, it’s extremely difficult to get a decent number of people to read your work. You can be doing everything “right” and still not succeed due to a stroke of bad luck.

  9. My greatest challenge at the moment is in overcoming technical issues in trying to format an epub so it will display my work as expected on any standard epub reader. I have a lot of web experience and can do that with creating websites that will display properly in all browsers and devices, but trying to achieve the same with an epub file has proven more difficult than it should be. Every time I dive into that mess it makes me want to stop writing and take a vacation from it for a few months.

  10. My greatest struggles with writing, and really anything, have always been with perfectionism and fear of criticism (assume a background of psychological abuse).

  11. Writing an entire plot driven narrative that lasts more than 2700 words maximum. I have yet to crack it, but short stories are acceptable enough I suppose. Oh and detail, I am AWFUL at detail, never have been good at it and never will be.

  12. I struggle with this too. I feel I’m decent at adding detail and I think my prose is okay too. My brain just only comes up with stories that can be wrapped up in 4K words or less. At the moment I am content with that though because I have no desire to write an entire novel any time soon.

  13. There's a good amount of authors who excel at short stories and their collected works are fantastic. But it is always good to have many tricks up your sleeves.

  14. My greatest challenge is time. Unfortunately I have many responsibilities so I'm often in a bad mood in order to write. On the other hand I don't expect from me to write constantly. I'm not a robot. Some say that you must write constantly nonstop but, it different when you have the spark. You put more passion. Your writing becomes easier and meaningful~

  15. Production was once an issue. Then I started setting daily quotas, and then I discovered writing in sprints, the final key for that lock, and I wrote faster and surprisingly better. Writing quickly and getting through a novel draft quickly means, for me at least, that the whole thing hangs together in tone and structure. It's more like I'm immersed and living the story when I write fast.

  16. My biggest problem is writing third person. I am very good at first person. I can put people inside the character’s head and make them feel like they’re there. (I know I know a tragedy but hear me out) I also write multiple POV stories. Running from only one perspective for an entire novel length thing doesn’t work for me. I want to give the reader more information than the (in the current project two) main characters have so that tension can build and things can be foreshadowed. Writing in third person for secondary characters is the norm for this (at least as far as ive seen and been advised) but I am horrible with third person. It feels wrong. Impersonal and dry. Idk if it’s just me unable to wrap my head around not being completely inside the character’s head or what but that’s my biggest struggle

  17. Have time to write. I get up at 6am, and back from work at 5-6pm, then a bit of time with my two small kids and everything else, and then back in bed at 9pm.

  18. small kids make it hard, and that's a brutal schedule. Hang in, and one day your kids won't need as much attention and you can carve out 90 minutes every evening to write, I hope!

  19. Knowing if my prose is any good. I’m currently trying to get short/flash fiction published as that’s a good way to rep out a lot of work pretty fast and hopefully get better quicker.

  20. This is something I'm pretty good at if you wanted to shoot me a sample. I have an English degree and I help people in my writing group with this all the time.

  21. Making characters that aren't "flat". Also, plot development. Sometimes I have scenes I get really excited about writing, but if the build up isn't strong or interesting, then the big scene will just be a disappointment.

  22. I have specifics scenes mapped out but it’s hard to plan something that leads up to that moment, and finishes off the story. Filler chapters bore me but sometimes their necessary to include, but they’re hard for me to come up with

  23. I start writing and I hate what I write so I redo redo redo and don’t even get a first chapter I’m happy with so I try writing something else and repeat said process 😅

  24. I have a terrible time keeping motivated for long projects. I absolutely love the process of planning a story, but once I start writing it (if it's serialized) if I don't get feedback I lose steam so fast. This happens a lot with my OC writings that aren't smut, people will leave kudos and such but never really give actual feedback orz

  25. Trying to write simple and concise prose - I’ve only ever been able to achieve it sparingly. I’ve been reading more often with the intent to study sentence structure which has been helping.

  26. One is definitely regarding the time management, but mood is usually a mess, and you don't get the best piece when you are not in the necessary mood. It swings into a different direction in a milisecond, whatsoever. As for the second... maybe trying out new horizons? That can definitely be challenging.

  27. Organizing my ideas in a way that is both cool and reasonable. I am still struggling with that. I have 99 pages of ideas and only 28 of the story.

  28. It's a PP tandem, perfectionism and procrastination. I hate the words themselves because that's been my attitude in writing something. If something goes wrong, I overthink it until it becomes cringe and I barely touch the work until I remember it. I have a habit of making first drafts at least decent because I dislike editing, plus a pantser here

  29. Transitioning from outlining to actually writing. I'll gladly write a scene as bullet points, but draw months-long blanks and writer's block when it comes to actually writing a single sentence of prose.

  30. Have you tried writing without planning? I struggled with this too for awhile. I would meticulously plan an entire story and then completely lose motivation to actually write it. I finally decided to just write without truly planning anything other than a general plot line or maybe a specific ending point. This only really works for short stories but it might help you get going at least.

  31. Many of us find ourselves having a hectic schedule. If you happen to freeze time for a bit, or turn it back it might help make life run more smoothly.

  32. My struggle was always leaving the work alone. As I'm sure everyone does, you could edit your writing into oblivion. It'll never be "perfect". That is completely fine and your work can still be great despite this.

  33. Trying to find beta readers and someone I can have edit my stories. Also not knowing what to do with these stories when they are complete. Would anyone be interested in reading short scifi stories???

  34. Starting to write the first sentence or two. I usually don't know how to start a new chapter or story. I found out that it's probably best to just start then edit your first few sentences

  35. Every now and then I find myself stumped about how to write characters talking without them turning into talking, floating heads. In the past I've had characters standing beside each other, sitting at a table, discussing things without much action or motion. I've come to realize that what characters are doing as they're talking is just as important as what they are talking about.

  36. Editing. God it's hard. Like I want to move on and write other stuff, but I know it isn't close to perfect so I must edit. Then again cut stuff, add stuff, edit characters and make their stuff more obvious or less obvious. So much stuff and it's just hard to get motivated when editing.

  37. Putting my thoughts in a lengthy novel format. And just plain motivation, but the readers' comments always make me push through it, somehow.

  38. Maintaining discipline and working when I'm not in the mood. Sadly unable to provide an easy solution. You just gotta force yourself to write.

  39. When I start writing, I always want to have this..hm, 'focused' feeling for a lack of a better word. If I don't have it, I feel dissatisfied with my writing, feeling like I didn't give it my all and now it's worse than it should be. I'm getting over it by forcing myself to ignore these urges to drop it, continue until I reach my word goal, and then check it tomorrow to show myself that what I wrote wasn't bad as I thought it is, and it's usually pretty satisfactory to me.

  40. Thinking of a huge story to write about but once actually getting into it, not being consistent with it and constantly finding the motivation to continue. I have found a few solutions but all of them stayed temporarily, so I decided to put it all into my own hands. Worked perfectly.

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