Shout out to my grandma for destroying me at Mahjong my entire life for this moment

  1. Thank you! I grew up around Mahjong so I was excited when I saw it in the game! My grandmas are amazingly sweet and look like sweet little old Asian ladies- but don't be fooled they're secretly tiny Mahjong demons that love to hustle as soon as the money hits the table and tiles are sorted. Love em to pieces but it was nice winning a game for a change haha

  2. You’re not! It just takes practice. I'm sure you'll improve with time. Lots of people in my family play (Japanese/Filipina), so I was raised around it. Both grandmas look as sweet as pie (and typically are) but are secretly tiny Mahjong demons that love to hustle everyone by acting more fragile then they actually are until the money hits the table. Never have been able to beat either of them myself haha

  3. I bet you will soon enough! Just takes lots of practice and a little bit of luck. I had to learn the hard way to keep afloat at family functions haha. My grandmas love to hustle and the cousins/aunties/etc (myself included) always end up wanting to recoup what we lost!

  4. That's a helluva hand. I've only gotten it double wait a couple of times and don't think I've ever gotten it single wait.

  5. That's what I got to finish Against All Odds in Kiwami 2 (I wanted to do it without the peerless tile). The whole thing took me, like, 10-15 minutes, since I was on my third or fourth hand in my first attempt.

  6. Mahjong has prevented me from platinuming Yakuza 0-2 so far and its annoying seeing my trophy list as a result 🤣

  7. Ok, so I have a mahjong strategy question for you. I’ve gotten pretty decent at constructing hands around specific yaku, knowing which yaku are more valuable, keeping my hand concealed as much as possible, stuff like that. But is there a deeper strategy here that I’m missing? I more or less look at my opening hand and try to set my strategy based on that, only deviating when it becomes clear from the tiles I’m drawing or from my opponent’s discards that I need to adapt. If you’ve ever played a drafting game like Magic the Gathering or 7 Wonders, it feels like I’m forcing a strategy, which is usually a bad thing in games like that.

  8. Sure! It sounds like you have a good foundation to build on which is great. One thing is that it's important to keep defense in mind. I don't know too much about Poker, but I've heard there's a similar mentality going on about forming strategies for this around probability.

  9. Quick question, since i couldn't find an answer anywhere and you seem like a right person to ask: Is the goal of mahjong to make ANY valid combination of pairs, triplets, quads and sequences that are worth some points or there are additional rules?

  10. In short, there are additional rules. Your hand has to satisfy at least one "yaku", which is basically just a name for a scoring element.

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