Wait what? Yakuza/Like a Dragon 7 must be a racing game at this point.

  1. Besides being the guy that constantly just posts short clips of Yakuza gameplay with not so creative titles and nothing else in the video, this shit, and constantly going on to every post with Remastered Tanimura just to comment that's not his Tanimura, what else have they done to achieve this infamy in the subreddit?

  2. Imagine being followed by an annoying kid irl, it's how it feels with him around. Every comment of his is some autoironic nonsense or a copypaste of some comment he made in another thread, i.e. saying something should be Naruto Shippuden, which he's done even in the provided screenshot lmao

  3. Constantly claiming Judgment isn’t canon because Kiryu didn’t show up and because it’s events weren’t mentioned in Y7

  4. Just kind of being a dick tbh. When people try to reason with him, he essentially went "nope, i'm right" or ignore it completely. And then the fact he purposely misgender a canon trans hostess for the sake of a "joke"

  5. A good life lesson is to never make one thing your entire personality. Or to go further beyond that, people not sharing the same opinions on the things you like or dislike are not personal attacks against you. Obsessed fans are the worst.

  6. They also insist at every possible chance that the substories of Yakuza aren't canon because they "aren't mentioned in the main plot." When you find examples that they are, they pull a "I don't remember that, I need to replay the game to confirm" to avoid having to admit they're wrong.

  7. Yeah, the fact that he is so infamous that you recognize him without even seeing the name said a lot.

  8. Lol users named Vermillion something or another have been getting on people’s nerves since GameFAQs and probably even before

  9. Looking through the jrpg subreddit apparently jrpg does not mean a Japanese RPG. Probably because jrpg is a cool acronym so people want to make it usable to everything like jdm cars

  10. That guy has super weird opinions and seems to have some memories of the series that are just made up like how I remember movies from my childhood sometimes, and it never really gets explained beyond “No I am right” Confusing as hell

  11. Oh Haruto Shippuden 😂 I thought the name maybe: Like a Dragon: New future of the world or something 😂

  12. JRPG is not just about gameplay... the stupidity in that senrence, what does he think it means? A way of life? An asthethic? It makes me angry seeing people with strong opinions on any subject they dont know anything about

  13. Nah most of the games just have rpg elements. Yakuza 7 is a JRPG though, because your characters abilities are determined purely by levels/statistics.

  14. Honestly if you don’t think Yakuza isn’t a JRPG at this point because you’re not a JRPG fan, that’s just fine

  15. Has a proper level up system, job classes, and grind with turn based combat how is it not a jrpg lmaoooo

  16. I recognise that account, but this is the first I'm hearing of them being a dick and being the "substories aren't canon" guy. I thought he was just a normal frequent commenter on this sub.

  17. Bro has the audacity to say elden ring is a jrpg but not dark souls. Bro has an Olympic level of mental gymnastics

  18. Ah Vermillion. This dude was everywhere on this sub. He would constantly ramble on about how cannon/noncannon substorys are and getting into debates and arguements over trivial crap that literally no one cared about. Every single one of his posts were just screen shots of in game stuff and a title that was all he did hell he was even the reason why this sub had a spam post cleanup. Pretty much all of his comments were down voted to hell cuz no one liked him. I havent seen this guy in a while maybe because he was probably banned could be wrong.

  19. Even the Kiryu games are RPGs. They got levels, experience, skill trees, random encounters, you can buy gear and equip them. All LAD did was making it turn based.

  20. Y'all isn't it kind of weird to ban someone because they were really annoying but then stalking them and posting the annoying takes they were banned for (among other reasons but still) here? The point of banning him was so we wouldn't need to see his bullshit after all.

  21. You don’t even need to stalk him considering he replies to nearly every single post on that subreddit with the same takes as always.

  22. Is there something wrong about saying that Yakuza (pre-LAD) isn't a JRPG? I wouldn't call it that, personally. LAD, yes, definitely, but not the earlier ones.

  23. It’s a Japanese turn based rpg, with a class and party system and a heavy emphasis on grinding in the late game, what part of that doesn’t sound like a jrpg???

  24. Good lord, you fell for their bait so hard that you made a whole thread on it? We really need Internet 101 classes these days.

  25. In denial about being a fan of a JRPG series ..or maybe he wants to preserve his "masculinity" by saying it's a beat-em-up/action franchise.

  26. Oddly enough though they hang out in several jrpg subs so idk if thats really the case i think they just have a penchant for being difficult

  27. I mean I kinda agree to a point, I do not see Yakuza 0-6 as a jrpg, I feel rpgs are defined by you having the ability to level up and face enemies who also have their own level, while most yakuza games have a leveling up mechanic, you don't face enemies with set levels.

  28. When does an RPG require to face an enemy with set level? Personally, I think their set no of health bars is an implicit indication of their level

  29. Most of the games give you dialogue choices in sub stories so even ignoring the existence of like a dragon this Japanese game has role playing elements in it. Making it a JRPG by definition.

  30. Does that vermilion guy have a life outside of this sub? I don’t see him as much as I used to but he was commenting on EVERY post on here

  31. you're welcome to change my mind im not like a fucking jrpg connoisseur or whatever i just really feel like the series is more of a story driven open world game with specific japanese role playing game aspects

  32. I appreciate the attempt to protect the person's identity but as the comments here show, a lot of people immediately recognized who it is. I understand people's frustration at this person -- they're either a troll or just really lacking in online discussion etiquette along with having some very hot takes, to put it gently -- but I'm a little bit disappointed that it's still coming up.

  33. If its a 10 year plan for Kasuga I wish they'd have not done the whole prison thing again, I'll buy every game regardless, just wish we could see these characters grow from the start of their Yakuza life till whenever that actually ended.

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