Eyesight changes?

  1. It's this sort of anecdote that caused me to go all-in on a carnivore diet after being "carni-curious" for quite a while. I've heard stuff like this, as well as other remarkable changes, on the MeatRx success stories podcast, and I find it all just absolutely amazing.

  2. Yes! I have been carnivore for about 1.5 years now and I can see well without my glasses (still need them for seeing things in the distance). I attribute this to the fact that the general amount of inflammation in my body has gone down significantly.

  3. Yes, they’ve gotten much worse. I also work at a computer for 6-10 hrs a day, so that’s probably it.

  4. Software engineer here, so I spend way too much time in front of several screens. Nevertheless, positive eyesight changes seem to be happening.

  5. I work in software so I'm also staring at a screen for 7-9 hours. I thought for about the last year my eyes were suffering from blue light/ screen fatigue, but actually I'm just a little far sighted. I can read my phone, books, etc fine, it just tires out my eyes much quicker than it should (I only really use them during work). I got a prescription and it fixed it right up. If you don't have glasses I'd recommend getting your eyes checked

  6. I used to have a mild prescription. Really just wore glasses when I had to sit in front of the computer all day. Switched to keto 3 years ago and soon after went to the eye doctor assuming I needed a new prescription. Nope. Turns out I no longer needed the glasses at all. My astigmatism has not improved but the glasses never helped with that in the first place.

  7. Keto/zero carb changes my eye sight. Diabetic. Every time I do the diet my vision changes quite a bit. I’d suggest getting checked for type 2

  8. I've been asking myself a similar question - could my eyesight really have improved? I've been on carnivore for 6 months and it seems like my near-sightedness (had for the last 30 yrs) has oddly improved rather than worsened. I've *never* had my vision get better and being a programmer, my vision has historically only ever gotten worse. I still have to wear my contacts and glasses, so I wish I could go without like you. I'm hopeful that if I give this diet more time, I'll continue to see more improvements. I saw one of your later comments where you listed all the health benefits you've experienced. I've compiled my own list as well because it's easy to lose track of them all!! I'm up to 13 different changes. The biggest change which left me walking around STUNNED for weeks was the arthritis in my toes I had for about 5 yrs suddenly went away. 5 yrs of not being able to curl or flex my toes, and then one day after 4 months on carnivore, I got the urge to crack my big toe. And I cracked my toes about 20+ times a day for a few weeks after that, and now they are back to normal. No stiffness whatsoever. Are we aging backwards??!! :)

  9. Was the arthritis in your toes particularly in your big toes? That could have been gout. High sugar causes it in susceptible people, and carnivore also cures gout.

  10. Ive been keeping a log of my own observations thus far on carnivore. I noticed two weeks in (5 weeks in now) that I didn’t have to squint anymore to read the text on my computer monitors. Within a day or two of that my normal listening volume on my headphones also was too loud during my workouts.

  11. I've been doing low carb for about a year, and I've noticed I'm constantly taking off my glass whlle using my phone or when I'm using my laptop laying on the couch. I've been wearing glasses for 20+ years, and have not had to do this until I started cutting out carbs.

  12. I've experienced the same thing, although I'm mostly keto. I avoid seed oils and eat a lot of meat. I was able to get my driving licence changed so I don't need to have glasses on to drive.

  13. I have strictly avoided seed oils since starting keto nearly a year ago. I'm considering whether it's a good idea to reduce my body fat to quite a low percentage over the coming summer (southern) to get rid of most of the accumulated Omega 6 then build back up on mostly animal fats.

  14. I tried to clarify in my post that the 'starts to change at 40' changes had already been occurring, but that these changes were in the reverse direction to that.

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