Permitting Process

Individuals or companies conducting commercial dive operations in Tubbataha must secure a Permit to Operate from the Tubbataha Management Office at least two months before first entry to the Park.

Private boats and other non-commercial trips must have Entry Permits before their scheduled trips.

Individuals or organisations wanting to conduct research in the Park must secure a Research/Monitoring Permit. Similarly, any person or company wanting to photograph and/or film in Tubbataha for commercial purposes must secure a special permit from the TPAMB.

The complete guide on the online permit application can be seen here .


The TPAMB determined the park conservation fee through a willingness-to-pay survey conducted by WWF-Philippines in 1999. Conservation fees fund recurrent costs such as administration and law enforcement.

Visitor Entry Fees

Discount for repeat visitors within the season

Vessel Entry Fee (per entry)

100 gross tons and below

101-200 gross tons

201 gross tons and above

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